Are PBS Member Stations Neglecting Black History Month Programming?


by Professor Michael Fauntroy Black History Month always leaves me conflicted. I believe the entire nation benefits whenever attention is paid to the contributions of groups of Americans. I also believe the month of February is viewed by many as historical drudgery. I think its hard to argue against the notion that most schools do a pathetic job educating students ...

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Black Judge is in the Center of New Jersey Bridge Scandal


New Jersey Supreme Court Associate Justice John Wallace Jr. is directly involved with the bridge scandal that took place in New Jersey last month.  Wallace’s name has come up because he was the first jurist in decades to not be reappointed to the bench when his term came to an end.   This hadn’t happened since 1947, causing controversy within the ...

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Teacher Tells Student “We Don’t Need Another Black President”


A teacher in Ohio is in big trouble after making some racially charged comments to a student. Gil Voigt has been suspended without pay after telling a student that “We don’t need another black president.” According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the student told the teacher that he wanted to become president one day.  That’s when witnesses say that the teacher ...

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White Supremacist Who Killed 8 People is Put to Death


A white supremacist who killed eight people will no longer kill again.  Joseph P. Franklin committed eight murders between 1977 and 1980.  He also confessed to being the man who sniped Hustle Magazine founder Larry Flynt, along with civil rights activist Vernon E. Jordan Jr. Franklin was executed this week, serving out the death sentence given to him a long ...

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Sloppy Implementation of Healthcare Costs President Obama: Approval Drops to Record Low


President Barack Obama is feeling the heat after a serious debacle over the rollout of his monumental healthcare plan.  Obamacare was supposed to be the president’s signature legacy initiative, but has turned into a nightmare after the website that would affect the lives of millions ended up causing untold medical disasters all across the nation. Now, polls are showing that ...

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Firing of White Former Employee Leads to Outrage and Petition at HBCU


Leslie Thomas has served Kentucky State University for the last quarter century.  There are few administrators on the campus who are loved as much as she is, and she considers the students on the campus to be her children.   She also happens to be white. But race is no barrier in Thomas’ fight to improve the leadership culture at Kentucky ...

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Huffington Post Reports on Woman Who Claims Obama Slept with Men to Get Cocaine


Most people know that President Barack Obama used cocaine, he admitted it himself.  But what people aren’t hearing in mainstream media are the allegations in conservative circles that the president once slept with men as well.  A woman claiming to be President Obama’s classmate in Hawaii told Bishop David Manning that she believes that Obama was active in the gay ...

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