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Zimmerman Juror Reveals How Going Public Ruined Her Life

brown juror zimmerman

A juror in the Zimmerman trial who spoke out about the case on national television says her life has been ruined. The juror, who identifies herself only as “Maddy”, says since the trial she has lost her job and threats have been made against her children. Maddy spoke out on national television without the benefit of anonymity and says she ... Read More »

CNN’s Don Lemon to Conservative Host: You’re Ruining Your Brand

CNN Don Lemon

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed conservative radio host Larry Elder over the Affordable Health Care Act and criticized the Republican Party for “ruining” its brand over the health care law. Republicans on the Hill joined together to force a shutdown over Obamacare, but the bill was implemented anyway, leaving many to wonder whether the GOP showdown with Obama was a media ... Read More »

Rep. Rangel Says He Was Roughed Up By Police During Immigration Protest

rangel 2

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) was one of a number of politicians arrested during an immigration protest on Tuesday. After speaking, the lawmakers refused orders by Capitol police to get off the street and was handcuffed and arrested. During the arrest, Rangel says he was treated poorly by Capitol Police. “I think they were trying to help me, but the cuffs ... Read More »

President Obama Will Address Nation on Syria

obama g-20

Amid speculation that he could lose the House vote on Syria, President Obama  is planning to address the nation on Tuesday in an effort to sway public opinion. At a press conference at the G-20 summit in Russia, Obama confirmed that he will address the nation but would rule out authorizing strikes in Syria even if Congress votes down his ... Read More »

After Kim Jong Un’s Ex Mµrdered by Firing Squad, Dennis Rodman Visits N. Korean Leader

Rodman in Rome

Just last week, Kim Jong Un’s ex girlfriend was reportedly execµted by a firing squad for violating North Korea’s laws against p@rnography.  Singer Hyon Song-wol and 11 others were rounded up and taken out by the official government of North Korea, but that hasn’t stopped former NBA player Dennis Rodman from cozying up to the North Korean leader. According to ... Read More »

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