Dr Samori Swygert: Are blacks being setup as “zombies” worthy of destruction?


Are blacks being setup as Zombies worthy of destruction? By: Dr. Samori Swygert I’m a very keen observer of subliminal undertones and messages.  Many times individuals or groups will use caricatures to subtly convey plans, or feelings about other individuals to avoid directly offending them or the revealing of plans. I can’t help but wonder if the media has already ... Read More »

Yolanda Spivey: Where are the three Black police officers employed by Ferguson Missouri’s police department?


By Yolanda Spivey As I tune into CNN and other various news outlets broadcasting the recent homicide, I mean shooting incident in Ferguson MO, I couldn’t help but notice the new Negro they have in charge–Captain Ronald S. Johnson. Johnson, a Missouri Highway Patrol Captain and long time resident of Ferguson, is evidently the new peace keeper.  Over the last ... Read More »

Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Black America: Don’t Forget/Forsake Our Elders in the Community

Dr. Sinclair Grey III says Black America not to Forget or Forsake Our Elders in the Community.

“Not Forgetting/Forsaking Our Elders in the African-American Community” By Dr. Sinclair Grey III As a former chaplain for a nursing home facility in the state of Maryland, I encountered many people from all lifestyles. Some of the residents were there short-term (90 days or less), while others seemed to have lived there for many years. With regard to their illness, ... Read More »

Florida Leads The Nation On Putting Children In Prison


By: Stephanie Allen- Gobert The state of Florida is well known for vacationing (Disney World, sandy beaches, and great weather), but it is also known for its criminal justice system. Florida’s judicial system has received a lot of attention in recent years with the controversy of Stand your Ground Laws and recent reports showing the state has moved more juveniles ... Read More »

Whites Believe Blacks Are More Racist Than They Are

Whites Believe Blacks Are More Racist Than They Are

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Let’s face it – racism hasn’t gone anywhere. Even with the United States of America having an African-American President (Barack Obama), it’s quite apparent to anyone who listens to news reporters and radio outlets, that there is some form of racism whether blatant or hidden. In a report released last Wednesday, it was reported that ... Read More »

Doshon Farad: Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and Black leadership


By Doshon Farad “We lost Martin Luther King because America did not want to hear a word that would make her a just society.” -Minister Louis Farrakhan Ordinarily I wouldn’t pay homage to Dr. King on this day, as it marks the forty sixth anniversary of his assassination. But considering the crisis affecting the black community and oppressed people across ... Read More »

Does the Republican Party still disrespect minorities in 2014?


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III At the annual gathering of California Republicans in San Francisco, former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice had a message for her colleagues – a message of inclusion. Rice brought to light the issue of immigration, but it revolved around a much deeper issue – minority inclusion. In her speech, Rice uttered the words, ‘we ... Read More »

How Many Whites Have Hidden African Ancestry?

hidden african ancestry

By Lechette Walker Over the investigation in genealogy, there have been a lot of details revealed about the heritage of individuals. The results have indicated that many white Americans have black within their make up in some way. While blacks feel that they have Indian in their blood line, results have shown that most black Americans have more European in ... Read More »

Are PBS Member Stations Neglecting Black History Month Programming?


by Professor Michael Fauntroy Black History Month always leaves me conflicted. I believe the entire nation benefits whenever attention is paid to the contributions of groups of Americans. I also believe the month of February is viewed by many as historical drudgery. I think its hard to argue against the notion that most schools do a pathetic job educating students ... Read More »

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