Criminal Allegedly abducts District Attorney’s Father For Revenge


by Barry Burch Jr. Serving as an attorney of the law comes with great responsibility.  It also can come with some bad unforeseen consequences, especially if the attorney works with criminals. One criminal attorney realized this fact to be true recently.  A man who was sentenced to life behind bars was allegedly caught while planning the kidnapping of the attorney’s ... Read More »

Nelson Mandela Leaves Millions To Family, Staff And Schools


By April Taylor Nelson Mandela’s will has finally been revealed, and it appears as though his estate has been valued at $4.1 million according to Fox News.  This excludes any royalties that may be earned and is equivalent to 46 million rand.  Mandela’s family members were present for a reading of the will on Monday.  The will was summarized for ... Read More »

New Study Reveals that Obesity Leads to Early Puberty in Girls

obesity in youth

Obesity has long been associated with chronic and acute adult conditions such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and joint pain. Many adults are cautioned to avoid living sedentary lives that are void with exercise. In addition, eating healthy foods and minimizing high fat and processed foods are thought to help offset the long term effects of obesity. For years, we have ... Read More »

Sad: Man Allegedly Punches 5-year old in Chest, Kills Him


by Barry Burch Jr. It’s sad to think that at just 5-years-old there was a little boy terrified for his safety as the adults he lived with did not seem to care for it much.  It is even more depressing to know that the same 5-year-old boy is dead now, and that his parents are to blame. A Madison County mother, ... Read More »

Mother Fights Off Intruder Who Came Into Her Home Trying to Take Her Two Sons


  BY:  John “Hennry” Harris There is a theory that was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon called the fight-or-flight response which is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a real or perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival. When Shandrea Smith, of Dekalb County, GA, encountered Musa Lang allegedly attempting a home invasion and allegedly trying ... Read More »