Three White Officers In S.C. Indicted For Shooting Unarmed Black Men


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III What the grand jury in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY failed to do, the grand jury in South Carolina did. Going against what had previously been the norm about not indicting White police officers for shooting unarmed Black Men, the decision by the grand jury in South Carolina to indict three White police officers ... Read More »

Browns’ Andrew Hawkins keeps fighting for justice for black people

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By Victor O Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins had a reason for putting on a controversial “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford” T-shirt during pre-game introductions for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday — a reason strong enough for him not to want to apologize for his action. The shirt was in protest of recent police ... Read More »

Black teen found hanged after dating a 31-year old white woman


By Nigel Boys Over two months after the death by apparent suicide of Lennon Lacy, 17, who was found hanging from a swing set by a dog leash and belt at a North Carolina trailer park, the FBI has assigned an agent to investigate the case after the county coroner showed concern. Although the local authorities were quick to pronounce ... Read More »

Man arrested for depositing money into his own bank account

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By La Verne Amigo One Saturday morning, Toronto resident Frantz St. Fleur was depositing a check at Scotiabank, his bank for almost a decade, when the police swooped in to arrest him. The check the Toronto man deposited was for $9,000.00, a refund for a deposit after a condo purchase he made in April fell through. Reports state that when ... Read More »

Dave Chappelle says he was choked by the cops


Police brutality doesn’t just affect those who are committing crimes.  The worst part of this problem is that it hits everyone, including the rich, famous and educated.   Comedian Dave Chappelle says that he his own stories about nasty run-ins with the cops, and it’s interesting to hear.  The people in the crowd might not want to hear it, but ... Read More »

Single Mothers: 6 Six ways to raise a sorry-azz black man


by Dr. Boyce Watkins A lot of people are not going to like what I have to say, but let me start by saying this:I really don’t give a &*^%.   These words come from a man who has seen too many black men grow up to become irresponsible, self-absorbed, excessively entitled, weak men, largely because they were coddled at ... Read More »

Doshon Farad: Is Religion driven by a fear of the unknown?


By Doshon Farad Most religious or spiritual people claim to believe in an afterlife or hereafter filled with total reward or total punishment i.e. heaven and hell.  Most devout adherents to these various religious or spiritual systems will claim that they are such because heaven, paradise, nirvana, etc has been promised to them. If religious or spiritual folks-as most will ... Read More »

You’ll never believe what happened to boys during #BringBackOurGirls

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign took over the nation for about one week.   Even First Lady Michelle Obama got involved with the campaign by posting an image about the matter on Twitter.  Then, as quickly as it began, the matter quietly disappeared.   It wasn’t as if the girls were safe, it was that the US simply lost interest. But one of the things ... Read More »

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