Donald Trump criticizes Ted Cruz, calls him a ‘pussy’ at New Hampshire rally


Pretty catty, Donald. Foul-mouthed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called his rival Sen. Ted Cruz a “pussy” Monday night — echoing a supporter who yelled the slur during a New Hampshire rally. “She just said a terrible thing,” Trump chortled from the stage in Manchester, where he was stumping on the eve of the Granite State primary. “Shout it out, ...

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Hecklers Tried To Perform An Exorcism On Ted Cruz In New Hampshire


Two hecklers tried to perform an exorcism on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during a campaign stop in Raymond, New Hampshire, on Monday. “Ted Cruz, look in the mirror and let the evil spirit leave, leave your power-hungry demonic soul,” one of the hecklers called out from a doorway while holding up a mirror and a cross. The Republican presidential candidate ...

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Democrats Are Fuming About Hillary Clinton’s ‘Smear’ Line


WASHINGTON — Democrats are fuming over presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s defense of the millions of dollars she made giving speeches to Wall Street. Her latest effort to push back against critics undermines years of Democratic claims about the influence of money in politics, invoking a central tenet of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. In last week’s head-to-head debate with Bernie ...

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Tenured Wheaton College professor will leave school over hijab remarks controversy


A tenured professor at an Illinois Christian college will be stepping down after administration censured her defense of wearing a hijab, the school said. Wheaton College announced Saturday night that political science professor Larycia Hawkins will “part ways” under a mutual, confidential agreement, two months after their conflict exploded into a national story. “Wheaton College sincerely appreciates Dr. Hawkins’ contributions ...

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Ben Carson Wants An Apology From CNN


MANCHESTER, N.H. — Ben Carson has an apology from Sen. Ted Cruz for his role in some Iowa phone call shenanigans the night of the caucus. Now he says he wants one from CNN. After Saturday night’s Republican debate — where Cruz once again apologized for his team calling Carson supporters and telling them the former neurosurgeon was suspending his ...

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Hillary Clinton ‘Totally Appalled’ By Student Loan Giant Navient


Navient Corp., a major U.S. Department of Education student loan contractor, is “misleading” borrowers and “doing some really terrible things,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Saturday. Numerous government agencies have been investigating the nation’s largest student loan specialist over several years for allegedly overcharging borrowers and mistreating them in violation of the law. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in ...

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Bill Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders Of Living In A ‘Hermetically Sealed Box’


MILFORD, N.H. — Former President Bill Clinton took the gloves off and laid into Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Sunday, launching some of his most pointed attacks on his wife’s Democratic presidential rival thus far. “Hillary’s opponent has a different view,” Clinton said, declining to mention Sanders by name. “It’s a hermetically sealed box. It’s very effective. The system is rigged ...

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