Family of Former Black Panther Says Prison Officials Are Trying to Kill Him


By Victor O. New photographs of Mumia Abu-Jamal have been released by his loved ones and supporters who claim that prison officials are trying to use medical neglect as an indirect means of executing him. The photographs, which appear to have been taken on Monday, were circulated by Abu-Jamal’s family, friends and supporters on Tuesday. They showed the former Black ...

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Cornel West drops some very intense knowledge on David Letterman


By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Dr. Cornel West, a professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, was a guest on Monday’s Late Night talk show on CBS. The host, David Letterman had a thoughtful question for Dr. West. “I assumed, I think like many people of my generation, that we were on the right path to race relations in this country ...

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DEA Agent says he was told to avoid white neighborhoods

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This DEA agent tells the other side to the War on Drugs. Millions of families were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people found themselves behind bars after a consistent effort by the federal government to give long prison sentences to drug offenders, who were overwhelmingly black. Listen to what he has to say and share it. It’s amazing.

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Here’s why white people love Dr Ben Carson so much

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By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Ben Carson is probably the most intriguing figures in Republican politics since Sarah Palin — and also one of the most unusually contradictory. A distinguished retired neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital, he is touted as a serious Presidential candidate, though he has never before held elective office. And as a prominent African-American conservative, Dr. Carson has surprised ...

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Here’s what happened when Detroit teens confronted the cops


By Michal Ortner In light of the increasing tension between the population of young Black males and law enforcement across the U.S., the BALL Foundation (Bridging Athletic, Learning, and Life-Skills) decided to host an event called Honor the Line that would allow for an open discussion between Detroit, MI teenagers and the police force. Nearly 50 teenagers showed up for ...

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Obama Supports Lifting Ban on Transgender Soldiers

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Reported by Ryan Brennan President Barack Obama has been very supportive when it comes to the LGBT community, especially over the past two years. He is showing more signs of that support recently, talking of lifting the ban on “transgender citizens serving in the military.” This ban has been in effect for a long time, but President Obama says it’s ...

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Here’s how Dr Ben Carson apologized for his remarks on homosexuality


Dr Ben Carson was in the middle of a political firestorm after stating his personal beliefs about homosexuality.  Dr Carson made remarks about men in prison engaging in gay sex, and how this might prove that sexuality is at least partially a choice.   According to BuzzFeed: Potential GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said on CNN Wednesday ...

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Obama “Scared” to Call ISIS Islamic, Says former CIA Head


by Victor O. Ex-CIA director James Woolsey Jr. had some harsh words for US President Barack Obama on Thursday for refraining from describing the dreaded terrorist organization, ISIS, and its ilk as Islamic. While addressing a White House summit on violent extremism on Thursday, Obama explained why he would prefer not to involve Islam whenever discussions about ISIS arise. He ...

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