You’ll never believe what happened to boys during #BringBackOurGirls

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign took over the nation for about one week.   Even First Lady Michelle Obama got involved with the campaign by posting an image about the matter on Twitter.  Then, as quickly as it began, the matter quietly disappeared.   It wasn’t as if the girls were safe, it was that the US simply lost interest. But one of the things ... Read More »

How does Jesus Shape the way black people view themselves?


“Faith and Family” By Jesse Herriott In a recent Facebook post, I made mention of a political cartoon that I received in my newsfeed. The individual, whom I will leave nameless, made a remark about the timeliness of certain ethnicities in connection to their faith of choice. To speak plainly, the cartoon suggested that African-American Christians have a problem with ... Read More »

Stephen M. McCrary: What True Beauty Is


By Stephen M. McCrary In this fast paced day of reality television, from the housewives of Atlanta to shows such as The Game. We have been given the opportunity to peruse inside the sometimes fabricated lives of some of the rich and famous. The reality is the emphasis is hardly ever put on “ the biography “ but “ the fiction “.  In some ... Read More »

Family Robs Church then Sells Items in a Yard Sale Less than a Block Away


  Reported By: Britt L A family that robs together….Stays together? ABC News reported that a mother-father-daughter trio allegedly robbed church items and sold the stolen goods in a yard sale at their home in Slidell, Louisiana. St. Tammany Police Captain George Bonnett informed ABC News that the family confessed that they robbed the El Bethel Apostolic Ministry in Slidell ... Read More »

Trey Coleman: My Journey Through Christianity and Islam


by Trey Coleman   Like many individuals, growing up, my childhood consisted of going to church every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights. I was raised to respect everyone and their religious beliefs whether I disagreed with their premise or not. I’m far from a theologian, but I did attend Bible school for 4 years and I can navigate my way ... Read More »

Unashamed Conference 2013: Teaching The Youth to be Unashamed in Christ

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Romans 1:16 ” For I am not ashamed of the gospel,because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” Christian rap.  Christian.  Rap??  For some the mere thought of Christian rap is more of an oxymoron than a reality.  Rap music has been vilified in the media ... Read More »

NAACP Makes History By Having a Sit-Down With the KKK


By Barry Burch Jr. Meetings between the Crips and Bloods are impressive in their own right, but the NAACP and Ku Klux Klan meeting – now that’s one for the history books, or is it?  Leaders from both of the well-known organizations met on Saturday in Casper, Wyoming, to address the recent violence being inflicted upon black men in the community as well ... Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bishop Tutu Chooses He|| Over Homophobic God; Says Gay Struggle Like Blacks’ In Racist S. Africa


By Barry Burch Jr. He won the Nobel Peace Prize and is considered a hero in the fight to end apartheid, and he would not worship a homophobic god.  South African archbishop emeritus, Desmond Tutu, said that he would rather go to he|| than worship a homophobic God at a rally for Gay rights hosted by the United Nations Human Rights Office ... Read More »

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