Pastor who shot student was loved by the community, but had a double life


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Rev. Shaun Harrison, Sr., a Baptist minister and former dean of students at Boston English High School, has been charged with allegedly shooting one of his students.  According to reports, Harrison, a father of eight, had the student selling marijuana for him for several months. In an article from the Daily Mail, Suffolk Assistant District ...

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The Preachers of Detroit premiere brings out more than you might expect


By Michal Ortner Nearly 1,000 people attended the Feb. 18 premiere for “Preachers of Detroit,” a spin-off of “Preachers of L.A.” The red carpet premiere took place at the Garden Theatre in Detroit, MI. Following the viewing of Episode 1, cast members joined together on a panel to discuss relevant topics. Tracey McCaskill, Mix 92.3 Radio host, led the discussion. ...

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Pastor gives a Eulogy at his church, then dies in front of everyone


By Michal Ortner The Rev. Darryl Edwards passed away while eulogizing a member of his church, Sally Bland. In front of nearly 200 observers at Fannin Street United Methodist Church, Edwards collapsed. He was sharing stories and Scripture to those who had gathered at the 10 a.m. service. He even mentioned that anyone could be called to Heaven at any ...

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Man Asks People If They’re Muslims and Stabs Two For Saying No


By Stephen Kanyi Radicalised Muslims consider non-Muslims as infidels, as people who do not deserve life. This is the leading belief that has inspired some of the most recent cases of terrorism globally. Over the last decade, the number of terror-related incidents has increased exponentially. The attacks are now distributed all over the world from the West and even to ...

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Former Atlanta fire chief finally files his lawsuit against the city


By Michal Ortner Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has filed a lawsuit after being fired for writing a religious book that addresses homos*xuality as a sin. The lawsuit, which is being filed against the City of Atlanta and its mayor, Kasim Reed, requests that Cochran be restored to his former position and given full compensation for the months of ...

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Studies Show Mental Trauma to Children with Gay Parents

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.19.42 PM

By Michal Ortner Results from a recent study show that children of same-s*x couples may be more likely to experience emotional trauma than children raised by heteros*xual parents. This study was found in The British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioral Science entitled “Emotional Problems Among Children with Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition,” published by D. Paul Sullins. The extensive ...

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Lolo Jones Says that Everyone Should Stay Away From “50 Shades of Grey” Film-done


By Victor Ochieng U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones thinks you shouldn’t watch the recently released film 50 Shades of Grey.  Jones’ reason for wanting you to boycott viewing the movie? Because God would forbid it. According to the self-professed virgin, the movie, made popular by the novel by the same name with content that includes S&M, glorifies intercourse for pleasure. She ...

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100,000 people sign petition to get Christian fire chief reinstated


By Nigel Boys When Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran published a book in 2013 which was meant to help men’s Bible study groups, he was only trying to convey how God views the dangers of disobeying His rules. However, in November of 2014, after complaints from several Atlanta employees in who support the homosexual lifestyle, he was placed under suspension ...

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Teacher fired for giving student a bible fights back….and wins


By Nigel Boys When Walter Tutka, a substitute teacher at Phillipsburg Middle School, saw a student who was last in line to leave his classroom in 2012, he casually remarked that the last would be the first and the first would be last, in reference to Matthew 20:16. Although Tutka did not say anymore to the student and did not ...

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Here are some of the most horrible things that happened in the church in 2014


Reported by Liku Zelleke Including the words “church” and “scandal” in one sentence will almost never end positively. Sadly, the awful truth is that 2014 was a year in which scandals were rife in religious institutions. Among the top scandals was the confession made by Pastor Charles Jenkins to having an 8-year affair with a woman he had worked with ...

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