Gov. Bob McDonnell: A separation of purse and state


Gov. Bob McDonnell: Separation of purse and state By: Dr. Samori Swygert We are familiar with the phrase, “a separation of church and state”. This phrase is intended to differentiate and demarcate religious ideology from governmental affairs. However, we still manage to blend and incorporate religion into the political and judicial arena. This is evidenced by the swearing in of ... Read More »

Learning to Live Together


“Unless our children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will ever begin to live together.” Justice Thurgood Marshall penned these words 40 years ago, as part of his stirring and prophetic dissent in Milliken v. Bradley. In Milliken, a 5-4 majority of the United States Supreme Court virtually prohibited bussing across school district lines to ... Read More »

Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III – Voting: Don’t Take It For Granted


  By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III Whoever doesn’t understand the importance of voting has been in the dark ages. Let me say it this way. The importance of voting helps to determine which laws will be passed, how justice will be implemented, and how your rights as a citizen will be regarded. On the other hand, if voting is ... Read More »

Dr Samori Swygert: Are blacks being setup as “zombies” worthy of destruction?


Are blacks being setup as Zombies worthy of destruction? By: Dr. Samori Swygert I’m a very keen observer of subliminal undertones and messages.  Many times individuals or groups will use caricatures to subtly convey plans, or feelings about other individuals to avoid directly offending them or the revealing of plans. I can’t help but wonder if the media has already ... Read More »

Dr. Samori Swygert: Where are officer Darren Wilson’s toxicology results?


By: Dr. Samori Swygert What are the toxicology report findings of police officer Darren Wilson?  Was a toxicology screening performed on police officer Darren Wilson? These are the pertinent questions that should also be posed.  The authorities and forensic examiners have expedited the toxicology screen of police shooting victim, Michael Brown.  These findings will definitely contribute to character profile of ... Read More »

Dr Samori Swygert: President Obama’s “calm reflection” pacifies community outcries


By: Dr. Samori Swygert Why does President Obama address the African American community with pacifist verbiage? Okay, I probably just pissed off some of you, and in the same breath, I also validated and endorsed the feelings of other African Americans. We’ll talk about it. President Obama’s response to the George Zimmerman verdict- “calm reflection” Below is the White House ... Read More »