Go to College; Live Your Dream…If Your Dream is to Spend Your Life in Debt

Going to College May Mean Never Becoming a Home Owner By Robert Stitt Student loan debt now averages nearly $33,000 per student, and almost 70 percent of students take out student loans. The student loan industry, with over $1.2 trillion in outstanding loans, is now competing with the mortgage industry for the number one spot in highest consumer debt. In ...

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Black Women Feel Shame When Coping With Infertility… Here’s Why (Naturally Moi Article)


By: Naturally Triece The journal, Psychology of Women Quarterly, focused on the experiences of African-American women who are currently struggling to conceive. This journal conveys an often ignored fact; that black women are equally if not more likely to experience infertility over their white counterparts. The difference between the two, however, is that black women seem to cope with the ...

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Pacific Mount Olive COGIC Celebrates 92 Years of Service-done

By Michal Ortner The Pacific Mount Olive Church of God in Christ, located at 1385 East 21st Street in Los Angeles, is celebrating their longstanding record of service to their community and to the God that they worship weekly. The church has been working in the Los Angeles area for an astounding 92 years. They held a celebratory service for ...

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Pastor who shot student was loved by the community, but had a double life


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Rev. Shaun Harrison, Sr., a Baptist minister and former dean of students at Boston English High School, has been charged with allegedly shooting one of his students.  According to reports, Harrison, a father of eight, had the student selling marijuana for him for several months. In an article from the Daily Mail, Suffolk Assistant District ...

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Homeless Man Shot by the Cops Was an Alleged Identity Thief

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.40.55 PM

By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Identity theft, characterized as “one of the dominant white-collar crime problems of the 21st Century” by the FBI, has proven to have a variety of victims. But this “white-collar” crime apparently now has a variety of perpetrators, some who cross international boundaries. The fatal shooting of a homeless man on Sunday by the LAPD was expected to ...

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Man finds that rolling blunts and driving is not such a good idea


By Ryan Brennan Most people would say that texting can lead to an inability to drive safely, which is a fair assumption. However, recent news has raised the following question: Does rolling a blunt make it difficult to drive if done at the same time? A young 26-year-old James Antoine Evidence found out for himself that doing both simultaneously isn’t ...

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Teen gets life for murdering 9-year old witness to his crime


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Deonte Isaac Gray, 19-years-old, has been sentenced to life in prison after the shooting and killing of a 9-year-old witness to a murder. The witness, Trashawn Macklin, saw Gray kill 25-year-old James Allen, Jr. and 23-year-old Akeen Easterling at an apartment in Flint, Michigan. As Gray was being sentenced on three counts of first-degree premeditated ...

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Here’s why white people love Dr Ben Carson so much

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.07.46 PM

By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Ben Carson is probably the most intriguing figures in Republican politics since Sarah Palin — and also one of the most unusually contradictory. A distinguished retired neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital, he is touted as a serious Presidential candidate, though he has never before held elective office. And as a prominent African-American conservative, Dr. Carson has surprised ...

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Here’s what happened when Detroit teens confronted the cops


By Michal Ortner In light of the increasing tension between the population of young Black males and law enforcement across the U.S., the BALL Foundation (Bridging Athletic, Learning, and Life-Skills) decided to host an event called Honor the Line that would allow for an open discussion between Detroit, MI teenagers and the police force. Nearly 50 teenagers showed up for ...

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